sleepless nights

I’ve hit the point in my pregnancy where sleep is a thing of the past. I really cant remember the last time i got a full good nights sleep. I have ALWAYS and i mean always had sleep problems. When im not pregnant i have bad insomnia. Thats why i would spend my time watching movies or nerding it up playing WoW. I cant really do that now. Sometimes ill turn the tv on but it just doesnt help anymore. I always have crazy dreams that wake me up whenever i do fall asleep or i just cant get comfy. I feel like im smashing the baby or over heating him lol. Another thing that sucks is snoring…. i have 4 little monsters snoring it up in the room with me. The bags under my eyes are crazy! Thank god i wear glasses which hide them. I think at my next appt im going to ask my midwife for something to help me sleep before i go crazy. Klariza with no sleep = crabby cranky wife who cries at everything.


On another note … my wonderful husband let me spend our money on a new Ipod. WOOOOO!

I am more then excited about it. Last time i had an ipod i was 17 and since then iv had a Zune which i am not really a fan of anymore. It was fun when i got it but its like a brick.

The husband is leaving on Monday for 2weeks for work so at least now i have something to play with. Still going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG two weeks. Im really hoping nothing happens when hes gone. I was going to have a friend come stay with me but she is no where to be found so meh.

Anyways its about 12:20 i should try and sleep while Adam is at work since he will get home around 3am and wake me up. Gotta get what i can now. =p

I leave you with Eisley bug.

Gnight. ❤


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One Response to sleepless nights

  1. Venus Madden says:

    Eisley is cuuute!!
    When is the baby due? Is your husband excited or cold feet?

    My friend’s boyfriend was so nervous and afraid, but was a great daddy when the baby came.

    I’m happy and excited for you.

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