Jackson’s baby shower.

My mother and grandmother held a baby shower for us a few weeks ago (March15th). It went better then i thought it would. I was scared no one would show up and it would just be all sad. That was not how it went down at all!

First off it was held in the city i used to live in so i knew i was going to be late since i take forever to get ready. I was lol but when we got there only a few people had showed up so i wasn’t worried.

I was SOOOOOO happy to see my friends Evelyn, Keith, Kris (brother from another mother), and his beautiful girlfriend Mariana showed up. Also really old friends showed up that i was way to excited to see.

The room now started to fill up and we ran out of space… ANNNNND my family wasnt even there yet! Once everyone showed up we really ran out of room. Everyone looked like they were enjoying there time. I tried to make my rounds and talk to and thank everyone. I dont have a ton of photos they were taken on other cameras i only have what was taken with mine. Which my mother had and she didnt really know how to work the camera so sorry lol

Our theme was squirrels ….duh. My mom made tons of cupcakes top with squirrels! and everything was blue and my wonderful aunt made diaper cakes (which we had fun taking apart the next day).  It was so great getting to chat with people in my family i dont get to see to often and getting to know my fathers family better. My husbands sisters came too which is always great and gave him someone to talk to. lol

Eisley had a blast running around saying hi to everyone. By the end of the night she was soooo worn out she was falling asleep in my arms. Poor Eisley. ❤

We didnt open gifts there thank god. Thats the one thing i hate about baby showers. We did have tons of fun opening everything once we got home. We got a lot of fun stuff and some really weird things that we didnt really know what to do with.

All and all we had fun and were happy with how everything went. =)

now some photos. hopefully i can get more photos at another time to post but till then these will do =)

on our way Eisley ready in her party dress.

me looking sleepy and puffy

my mom trying to work the camera lol

i do not like this photo but its the only one of Adam and I… and Abbey ❤ adams sister

( left to right) Mariana, Kris, my sister Xitlalic, and cuz Tonatiuh.

a babyyyyyyyyyy

aunt uncle cousin and great grandmother

my other sister, uncle, and my dad.




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2 Responses to Jackson’s baby shower.

  1. Cande says:

    Yay, you had men! LOL Everyone thought I was crazy to have men at my shower. Ha. Mexicans.

    • lol i think its a mex thing i know i went to a friends baby shower shes like Irish and it was only girls and it was all super fancy and stuff … idk it was weird i felt out of place there.

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