Craft time. : Baby wipe case

How to make your own custom baby wipe case.

what you are going to need. Fabric of your choice, hot glue gun (and glue sticks), scissors, wipe case, & ribbon. [ just so you know i am in no way a pro at this …if anything i suck at it hah]

measure and cut your fabric to fit both side of the wipe case. just enough to fit tight doesn’t have to be perfect the ribbon is going to cover the edges.

pick what edge you want to start with… i started with one of the smaller sides makes it easier to pull everything tight.

and do it to all 4 sides and trim away any extra fabric =)

now time for ribbon! I started with the back so the ends dont show in the front.

be careful and take your time. i did small lines of glue and places the ribbon as close to the edge as i could all the way around. to the top and bottom.

once you have done it to the top and bottom POW you are done! =p

if you want you can add something like ribbon or a bow or button or whatever you want to the top i would do that before adding the ribbon to the edges. so whatever have fun with it.


❤  just try not to burn yourself with the glue like i did =)


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2 Responses to Craft time. : Baby wipe case

  1. Cande says:

    Very creative. ❤

  2. Candita says:

    Super cute! Might have to do a few of my own next week 🙂

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