Week 1

Born 4/2/11 – 12:08pm – 6lbs 7oz – 19 3/4

Birth story

(few hours before going to l&d)

SO Friday the 1st i went in for my weekly check up and Jackson had dropped a lot so my midwife wanted me to go to the hospital for a ultrasound. I just got scared that something was wrong with him but i just drove to the hospital trying not to freak out. It was exciting getting to see him again since the last time we had an ultrasound was at 20weeks. After a long wait they wanted me to go to L&D to monitor him and wait for the on call dr to see what they wanted to do. My husband came down and the wait began. After what felt like forever the on call guy said he was looking like he was at 36-37 weeks but to be on the safe side they wanted to go ahead and induce me. Thats when it hit me holy crap i had to push a baby out of my vag and there is no way out of it!!!! lol They moved us to our room and brought us some food. Sometime later we met everyone that was going to be helping us through the night and hooked me up and started me on the antibiotics for the GBS. The whole night was ups and downs. The pain started to get baaaaaaad so i had an epidural. It worked ok for a while then i could start to feel the pain in the backs of my thighs but i sucked it up. In the morning after a long night of tossing and turning not being able to sleep cuz the blood presser thing kept going off on my arm every 30mins the pain went from 2 to 200 i couldnt stop crying and shaking. They did not think i was far enough along to push and were going to check me then call to get another injection BUT nope i went from 6 to 10 within like 30 mins and the real part started. Just like the movie baby mama it felt like i was shitting a knife lol.

the midwife said it was going to be anywhere from an hour to two hours. WRONG!!! It took about 20-30mins and our little squirrel was here.

there is no way i would have been able to any of this without my husband. im so happy out of all the people in the world we found each other. he was there for me 110% ❤

after about 24 hours after jackson came we were let out to go home. super fast but so happy to be out of the hospital.

The only down side was Jackson got jaundice and he had to be poked at tons of times and we had to have him in a bili-blanket pretty much the whole week. He lost a lot of weight and we have to give him formula now. My poor little baby his feet were all cut up =( But now its done and over with so we dont have to worry about that anymore. He back to his birth weight (or more) and eating good =)

our little glow worm baby

now going to end this post with some random photo from throughout the week.


with grandma



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5 Responses to Week 1

  1. What are those marks on his little tummy in the first pic. He is a cute baby! Glad to hear he is doing better, I know how with your first it is scary. All 3 boys had Jaundice and Drako (baby #1) it was a little scary but he did look mighty cute looking like a glow worm 🙂 Like I said just be glad they didnt have to have him under 24/7 because they would have kept him at the Hospital and that did suck, specially since I already had a 2 year.

  2. Oh yea having to stay at the hospital would not have been fun.
    The marks are just dry skin. For some reason he has super dry skin. The dr told up to put vaseline but we said eff that thats yucky and were putting some burts bees stuff adams mom got him and its slowly getting better. =)

  3. Cande says:

    Your awesome! You had time to blog! =)
    Congrats again! He is beautiful!

    Psalm 127:3-4
    3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
    The fruit of the womb is a reward.
    4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
    So are the children of one’s youth.

  4. Candita says:

    What a little cutie. Congrats to you!! He’s precious!

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