WOooOo!  We finally got to a month post!

In the past few weeks he has been getting better at lifting his head. He loves looking at light through the windows. Jackson finally got to meet his grandpa. He had his first Easter and first brunch. =)

We have been learning to help him deal with hiccups and gas problems. Poor baby can go days without pooing =( and i really dont want to give him juice or other weird thing we have read about.

ok photo time.

1month photos.

with grandpa


with his bunny cake grandma made him.

Brunch @ Taps and our trip to the mall after.

my husband takes brunch very serious

going pee on grandma

happy after a new change of clothes

having fun at the mall


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One Response to 1 MONTH!

  1. Cande says:

    the pee pic is too funny! I remember every pee and poop would seep through his clothes! So funny.

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