What’s in my diaper bag? Newborn.

I love things like this. I did a what’s in my purse a LOOOOONG time ago on flickr so i thought now its time for this. I love reading (& watching youtube videos)  what other moms carry and getting ideas.

Okay lets get started (this is just Jackson’s stuff i didnt list what i carry in the bag for me since i dont carry a purse anymore)

First off my bag is a SkipHop bag i got from Babies r us.

I love this bag! Its the perfect size for now (when he gets older and we have to carry bigger/more stuff we will have to get another bag). Its black so it doesnt look like a baby bag and my husband can carry it too. 😉

mk heres all our stuff

 a light blanket (what everything is laying on) and a fluffy heavy blanket to put on him if its cold we just carry it in the stroller.

bottles, formula & water. I put formula in the bottles when we go out (how ever many bottles i think we will need) and carry the munchkin formula dispenser with extra formula in case we are out longer then we planned. also bibs.

….Duh diapers and wipes. I always make sure the wipe case is full and i always ALWAYS over pack diapers. You never know what kind of poopyplosion is going to happen.

“nursery wipes” doesnt have to be this munchkin brand cuz well i dont want to pay that much for them but i had them from a random shopping trip i did. when i run out ill just get normal clorox disinfecting wipes in the travel size. cuz i wipe down the changing table in the bathroom before i put down the changing pad cuz ew you dont know whats on there.

kleenex and the blub for boogies.

 An extra onesie, sleeper, & socks (if he isnt wearing it already i carry his little hoodie too)

hand sanitizer, and nail clippers cuz Jackson has evil claws.

immunization card and temp kaiser card. (& a pen)

car seat toy

these hang on the strap of the diaper bag. His pacifier holder with extra paci in it and a munchkin arm and hammer diaper bag dispenser for poopy diapers or to put clothing in if he poops or pees through it.

AND ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS i carry our little point and shoot camera =)

I feel like im missing something but hmmm maybe not i think thats it =)


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One Response to What’s in my diaper bag? Newborn.

  1. Angel says:

    Hi! I have the same diaper bag. What I’d love to see is where you put all of that! It would be nice to see how another new mama organizes. THANKS!

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