There isnt much of an update. Jackson got his shots at his last check up. We have been going through a lot to get him health care since we missed our deadline to add him on ours. SO we will be paying off his last check up for a LONNNNG time. BUUUUT hes healthy and doing good. so its ok.

Lets see little fatty is learning to sit up he chews on his hands a LOT. He is starting to look at the tv when i feed him i dont think he ever knew it was there hes all into the lights and colors. He fits in shoes!!!! I’m going to try and get him to start sleeping in his crib so far his not into it but my husband will be gone for 3 weeks so im going to work on it when hes gone.

Thats pretty much all thats going on with our little one.

Heres this months photos. Enjoy ❤

His blues brothers shades 😉


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