The OC Fair

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Our first ever trip to the OC Fair.

I’ve been wanting to go to the fair for so long and last year we missed it. So this year we for sure had to go. When the fair started the husband had to go to AZ for 3weeks for work. =( boo but this is the last week of the fair so we finally made it happen. Traffic was gross but at least we parked somewhere we didnt have to pay for parking =D

We had lots of fun. I saw on facebook that a food truck that we have been wanting to try for a year now was there SOOO EXCITED to baddddd we waited in line for 40mins and it moved like a foot. effffffffff that we finally gave up and just got fair food lol

not what we wanted but some how we ended up eating this

Maple bacon doughnut! it was SOOO BIG and SOO yummy! It was the best of breakfast all in one yummy bite =)  
then some brisket sandwiches and dipping dots mmmm

walked around looking at all the little crafts and animals =)

Hopefully we turn this into a yearly thing.


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