random haul

So iv been getting stuff here and there over the past months and just decied to show it all in one haul post.

Its all just random stuff i bought and been loving lately.

k first stop Ulta

I saw these little polishes on Tumblr a few months ago and thought they were SOO cute so i was happy i saw them.

These Wet n’ Wild ones i got mostly cuz they look cute. One is black with purple flecks and the other is black with orange. The purple i LOVE the orange one is whatever cuz you cant really see the orange very well.

OMG These brushes i have been wanting for a while now. Im a big lover of pixiwoo a sister duo of lovely UK girls who are pro MUA and do videos on youtube and Samantha Chapman one of the sisters put out  this line of high end low cost brushes. OK i went to Ulta to get these and when i got there they only had two a single powder brush and a face brush set…. well i didnt want the set but the powder one i did. OKKKK now how do i get the other brushes i want? I had them call a diff Ulta and see if they had them there… the other store is over an hour away BUT its close to my mom who was going to be making a trip over to my house this friday SO they had ONE eye set i had them put it on hold… called the next day and they didnt have them on hold for me but for someone else… kinda got pissed nicely asked if they could put it on hold for me AGAIN… after the lady answered me very rude and then HUNG UP on me i got kinda mad…. finally my mom went to get them and THEY PUT THE WRONG ONES ON HOLD!!! OK kinda more mad… so my mom found the right ones and ALSO found the single bushes i wanted that they said they didnt have and were getting any in… i DO NOT like that Ulta now ( which sucks cuz i liek that mall but at least the girl at the Chino store was nice when she was helping me or i would of been pissed)… but i do love my mom for getting me everything i was looking for. =) and now i cant wait to try them out.

I also got a new blush (this is the one i use and finally hit pan so i had to get a new one.) a tinted lip balm and NYX jumbo pencil in “french fries”. have to love NYX so good and so cheap ❤

K onto MAC

satin taupe eye shadow, blue brown pigment , and 226 brush. I wanted a diff brush but they didnt have it …BUUUUT was SO happy i got the 226 i forgot it was coming out with the MAC me over collection and its already sold out!  Used it the other day and i LOVE LOVE it!!!

(photo from www.temptalia.com/)

I also got the 211 that is LE. Love how my eyeliner turned out with it =)

hmmm what else…. i went to Sephora a long time ago and got Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara.

I have like ZERO lashes and it made me look like i HAD lashes!!! I love this! IDK if ill buy it again though its kinda pricey.

When i was there i ran into the UD NAKED palette i have been wanting it for sooo long that even my husband was trying to find it for me but it had been sold out forever… there was no way i could leave and not get it.

hmm ok Target

i only got one thing at Target. I like the Sonia Kashuk brushes they have. I bought a few a few years ago.  I bought this black domed eye shadow brush i love the other brushes so im sure i will love this one and it was only $10!

hmm e.l.f always put out a back to school set around this time i saw a video they put on youtube of everything they were coming out with… went to Target to find it and they didnt have it boo (well OUR target didnt i know other ones did)so i found some stuff on there website and also found a code for something off i cant remember so i ended up paying less then i would have in the store including shipping =)

i used the two in the back the other day works ok ..one color i LOOOOVEDDD it was a frosty off white with gold flecks in it SOOOO pretty!

and at a random trip to wal mart a found some little trays to put stuff in so my make up isnt all over the place.

(not all my make up just the stuff in that drawer)

best $4 spent ever.

thats about it i know i have stuff here and there but i cant think of anything. hope you all are having a great weekend. ❤


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