This month our chunkers got TWO teeth and learned to roll over FINALLY!

He went from 3month clothing to 6months…. so we have to go find him some new stuff to wear. He also learned he has ears and feet. Hes still trying to get the hang of putting his foot in his mouth.  Halloween is coming i cant make up my mind on what i want to dress him as.  Any ideas?

hmm not much else is going on with JD other then hes at the stange were he doesnt want to be away from us or wants to be held ALL the time.


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2 Responses to 5 MONTHS!

  1. breeshark says:

    how is it with a teething baby? and how does he like food!?!??! I’ve been thinking about making my own baby food but wic is going to give me jars too so I don’t know whats cheaper/healthier…

  2. Well when he was teething he was just crying a lot/not sleeping and i didnt know why lol but once the teeth break through he was fine. He likes the food … hmmm idk i think making it is more healthier i guess .. my mom got us a baby bullet so im going to start making my own food i just bought him some to start off with and we dont get WIC so making it is cheaper for us i guess since we eat a lot of veggies buying a little more to make him a week worth of food and frezzing it would be less then buying pre made.

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