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YAY we’re half way to ONE YEAR!!!

Today we got to see the dr after a LONGGGGGGGGG wait. (morning app was a bad idea it was so busy that we didnt get to see the dr til like an hour after our set appt)

Jackson is 18.8lb 26 in long.

He started rice cereal last week. The Dr gave the Okay to start giving him baby food & he can now start using a sippy cup with water.

(first time eating rice cereal)

He also got his shots and a flu shot …he was not happy about that.  He knocked out on the car ride so when we got home he got to try carrots for the first time. I think he was to upset from his shots to really care but he ate most of it ether way.

JD has had a nasty fever since last night cuz of his flu shot so i must get back to checking on him. Here is this months photo dump. ❤


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