Whats in my bag? (January)

The bag is a Christmas gift from my husband. ❤ I love it! It’s from Urban Outfitters

(from L to R)

Receipts, camera, iphone, gum, pacifiers, post-its, toy book, make up bag, scratcher, ibuprofen, band aid, wallet, & cash that was at the bottom of my bag ❤

Now whats in the make up bag.

(i am really surprised there isnt more i used to carry a TON of stuff)

(L to R)

chanel pressed powder, pepto bismol, birth control, eye lash curler, Jordana & NYX lip liners, Benefits They’re real mascara, Revlon eyeliner, e.l.f eyeliner, Kat Von D L/S in Adora, Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle,  Urban Decay L/S in Naked, …. a puff (lol), & eye drops.


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3 Responses to Whats in my bag? (January)

  1. breeshark says:

    can you please explain your birth control experience to me? lol I’m not on anything , that also means that there has been zero sex because I don’t want another baby and I’m terrified to get pregnant again even I secretly want another baby already haha.. BUT YEAH I’m afraid of BC because of hormones and side effects and I’m especially afraid of BC (the pill mainly) because I’m bad at doing the same thing at the same time every day :/

    • hmm well with normal pills they make me crazy up and down so i told that to me dr and she gave me ones with the smallest amount of estrogen i cry at a lot of dumb shit but not as bad as it was with normal BC iv been doing pretty good at taking it i just set an alarm to go off everyday at the same time and if you dont want a kid your WILL take it lol it feel its better then the shot and stuff i keep hearing of girls who do tha and then they have trouble when they stop and try to have a baby so idk just think about it pills arent the end of the world you can do it!!! ❤

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