{{CLOSED}} WhatToExpect book review & GIVEAWAY !!!!!! ~

The wonderful people at Whattoexpect.com contacted me about sending me some books and hosting a giveaway and well i said YES DUH!

When I found out i was pregnant the first thing i did was head to the book store and picked up a copy of the famous “WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING”. I remember when i was young and i found my moms copy so its kinda the thing to do when youre going to have a little one. Let me tell you that book HELPED SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I am a very very tiny person and my main worry was not knowing how i was going to gain the lbs my baby needed and i didnt know HOW MANY i would need to gain and POW the book had it! =) Every time I had a question the book had he answer and if it didnt i would google it and 99.9% http://www.whattoexpect.com had the answer. So on top of great books they have a GREAT web site.

After i had my little one my grandmother gave me the second book “What to expect the first year” which just the like the first is great. I cant not wait to read the 3rd one since JD is going to be 1!!!

SO since i love the books and wouldn’t giveaway or recommended anything i didnt like myself IM GIVING AWAY BOOKS!!! YAY

Whattoexpect was nice enough to set aside TWO sets of these great books for you guys!!! YAY so if you would like a chance to win these books you have to do TWO things

1. SUBSCRIBE to my blog (the button is on the right) YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER TO WIN. * I WILL check to see if you subscribed if not another winner will be chosen*

& 2. You MUST  leave a comment letting me know what book your excited to read. =) please include your email address (if you are the winner i would like to email you letting you won a get your info)

TELL YOUR FRIENDS !!! (lets hope i get more then 1 person to enter lol)

If you want to be super duper rad go and follow me on twitter @klarizag and go follow @whattoexpect

Also follow Whattoexpect on FACEBOOK

and sign up for www.whattoexpect.com


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4 Responses to {{CLOSED}} WhatToExpect book review & GIVEAWAY !!!!!! ~

  1. Janette says:

    What to expect on the first year.

  2. Jasmine rangel says:

    I subscribed 🙂

    N I would b more than happy/anxies to read the second years of what to expect!
    I’m always searching online on what the milestones r and parenting tips n what not! So this book would b so badass for me to win 🙂

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