13 months.

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Well this month has been a long one. JD is super picky and wont eat most things. He was doing great with his sleep now not so much. Hopefully things will change he did have a little cold for a while. As you can see a little runny nose in the photos.

But hes running around like crazy and off formula wooo.

We had a trip to the SD Zoo this month ill do a post with photos of that next.

He learned to get up stairs. He also learned to pull pages out of a book =( lol oh well i guess thats parts of having a little one.

(peek a boo with Eisley)

Its a lot harder to get him to sit for photos now i kinda have to chase him around the house =)


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  1. New reader here. He’s beautiful 🙂 i love hislittle outfits, too.

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