Wet n Wild Limited Edition Where’s the Party Collection (8-pan eyeshadow palettes)

swatches (Left is “Sparkle ‘Til Morning” and Right isShimmer The Night Away” 

“Drinking a glass of shine”
After calling a few stores today I found them at the CVS I always go to!

They had not been put out yet but the lady working said she had seen them and went to the back and brought out the display for me =D yay lucky day


ALSOOOOOOOOOO!!!! If you scan your CVS card in the coupon machine you could get a $2 off any $4.99 wet n wild coupon. (i got it!!!) sometimes it might not print out but you can try scanning it again maybe youll get lucky.

I didnt pick up the matte one cuz i have one from the first time it was released but i kinda cleared out 4 for the 6 =p


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2 Responses to Wet n Wild Limited Edition Where’s the Party Collection (8-pan eyeshadow palettes)

  1. I don’t know if we have these in Canada as yet … just looking at the shades, they appear to be the same shades that were in the 6pan shadows, and currently in the 3pans. I love the bright shades though they don’t suit me. I am glad that I do have the various palettes with the neutral and lighter shades … otherwise I think I would purchase at least on of these just for the neutrals!

    • they do look a little like the ones in the 6pan ones but they arent the same. i know the pink is in a trio. The brown in the first one is worth getting i think its soooo beautiful and the dark gray!

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